School Council

Our school council meet every term to talk about what they are thankful for in their school lives as well as suggestions for new school initiatives. There is also a Food Council, where the topic of conversation is everyones’s favourite…food!

The latest meeting took place this week and there was lots to be thankful for including the lovely playing fields, the new trail and of course our lovely teachers and friends. Suggestions from the Juniors included a Language Club and a Movie night at a future date.

At the Food Council, our Juniors were thankful for chocolate brownies after sporting events and the famous Kingsmead fresh salad bar. A suggestion was made for ‘more pancakes please’.  We look forward to working together with Juniors and Seniors on the many new proposals!

Pictured: Our Junior Council members – Charlotte, Elizabeth, Prithvi, Avery, Emma, Rubi and Kadi