Life in Early Years

The children play and learn together in family-sized groups with a high adult-to-child ratio. We provide a curriculum that gives each child the following:

  • freedom and responsibility for their own choices and enjoyment
  • active child-focused learning
  • spontaneity
  • play-based activities
  • imaginative experiences
  • confidence-building experiences


Children’s gross and fine physical skills and spatial awareness are developed with a range of regular physical activities including much outdoor play. There is specialised swimming teaching in the young child-friendly indoor heated pool, music and PE are available from the age of three upwards. There are many opportunities for trips including to the local library, to Chester Zoo and to community engagement with the local church.

We understand that children develop at different rates and with very different needs. The Foundation Stage staff provide stimulating and enjoyable activities, bespoke to each child. When the child is ready, appropriate literacy and numeracy tasks are introduced and staff monitor progress. Parents are updated on a day-to-day basis via Tapestry, a web-based app, and more formally through reports and parent’s evenings. The door is always open for a daily chat as well. The Early Years department offers 15 hours’ free nursery education grant funding.

Early Years School Gallery