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About Us

Kingsmead School opened in 1904, to provide an environment in which children could “learn well’. Today, Kingsmead over delivers on that promise and has developed a bespoke education that is both transformative and empowering for children of all academic abilities.

Enhanced Learning is the norm at Kingsmead and goes far beyond the National Curriculum, creating opportunities to shine, uncovering talents and inspiring enquiring minds. Opportunities to excel are not just limited to academia. Sporting competitions, drama productions and musical events all form an integral part of the curriculum and a high adult:child ratio ensures that every pupil is individually inspired and motivated. Our Learning Support Team ensures that pupils with specific challenges to their learning understand quickly that these are not a barrier to success.

The school is based on Christian principles and values, which means the expectation is – teachers and children alike – to respect and look after each other. This consistent mutual respect gives children the confidence to maintain positive relationships with each other and staff, which ensures standards of behaviour are excellent. Within this framework pupils are happy, secure and readied for learning.

Although the school has a large proportion of high achievers, as well as regional and national standard athletes at any time; its core strength lies in the fact that all pupils – not just the high fliers – have every opportunity to succeed.

Kingsmead has the space, the commitment, and the expertise to bring the best in every pupil to life.


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“We love the tradition of the school while still remaining up to date with the times. The class sizes are fantastic. We are shocked we didn’t know about this school earlier. The school is a credit to all teachers, pupils and support staff.”

Year 7 Parent