19th October 2018

Dear Parents,

This is an exciting year for Kingsmead. In September we were delighted to re-open our boarding department, with Kingsmead being the only co-educational boarding school in the North-West to offer flexi-boarding, and the only mainstream full-boarding school in Merseyside.

The month also heralded the launch of our new Sixth Form meaning Kingsmead now offers more than ever before in its 114-year history. As a consequence, we will shortly be submitting plans to the local authority for a new 6th form building.

This summer also gave us cause to celebrate the high achievements of our GCSE students – some of whom have had to overcome barriers such as dyslexia – and on average our pupils exceeded their official Year 7 predictions by a grade, exemplifying the value added we provide at Kingsmead. 90% of pupils achieved at least five GCSE, including 80% of pupils attaining this in both English and Maths. Special mentions include Louis Cowan and Lawrence Thompson who attained a coveted Grade 9 in English Language and Art respectively; Head Girl Charlotte Turner earned a well-deserved 8 in French, and Year 10 pupil, Lexie Onopko, achieved an 8 in English Language and in English Literature – a year early.

We are exceptionally proud of these academic successes of our pupils, and rightly so. We also know that academic results and league tables do not tell the whole story. They do not reflect our pupils’ high achievements outside the classroom, from the sports fields to the music halls, and from the swimming pool to the stage. They cannot measure how happy, how fulfilled, and how well-rounded our children are. They do not show just how transformative and life-changing the Kingsmead experience can be.

Yet this is exactly what Kingsmead has recognised since its inception in 1904, and we know that it still holds true over a century later. Now it is time to get that message out to the world – and we need you.

Your children are the lifeblood of our school and, as parents, you are its voice. We know our pupils’ academic successes, we are privileged enough to see them day-to-day, but we do not always get to know about their amazing successes outside the school gates. We do not always get to show the world quite how incredible our children are.

We have thrilling plans for our up-coming 120-year milestone which we are very excited to soon share with our parents and students. As a first step, we are aiming to run a new social media campaign across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) designed to showcase the many, many wonderful successes of Kingsmeadians both academically and in other arenas. You may have seen our recent posts which have included Elizabeth Gadsdon’s ‘Points of Light’ award for her outstanding community volunteering, our Year 7 bonding trip and the Bronze and Silver D of E trips.

We would like to invite you to send us any high-achievements which you would like us to cover – including as much information as possible – and we will feature as many as we can. Please send them to Mrs Karam Kaur at k.kaur@www.kingsmeadschool.com. We would also appreciate you sharing our Facebook posts as appropriate – especially information around our Open Days. We do hope you will support us in this inspiring new venture, and we look forward to seeing you online!

On a more prosaic note I have a few messages to pass on to you. The first involves car parking outside our school and I am saddened to report that despite repeated requests there are still a small minority of parents parking either carelessly, selfishly or dangerously and we have had to take the decision to report this to Wirral Council who will take the appropriate steps to support us in ensuring that this is put to a stop.

Parents of children in Year 8 and 9 will know that their children have exams after half term and as such will need to spend some time revising during half term. Please do ensure that they have some time to rest and relax but also support them in regular, structured productive revision time.

Please note that we continue to encourage all of our children to take pride in their appearance and their uniform. Boys are expected to have short, neat haircuts. Girls are expected to tie their hair back off their faces and to leave it tied up whilst in uniform. From September 2019 we will be introducing white shirts for all boys to replace the current checked shirts and if you are planning to buy new shirts before September the boys have permission to start wearing them this academic year. I look forward to seeing many of you at our annual Fireworks Night on Monday 5th November at 5pm. Our grateful thanks to the amazing Friends of Kingsmead team for organising this event.

Finally, as many of you will know, the wonderful Mr Hope is leaving us at the end of the first week back after half term. He has loved us all and been loved by us all. He has recently become engaged and we wish Matt and Vanessa all the very best for their future together. They will always be a part of Kingsmead.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Gibbons