Department: P.E.; Art

Mr M HopeMr Hope is one of the most popular and versatile teachers on the staff, with responsibilities that would make many flinch. He teaches Art and PE across different age groups, Art from Year 1 to 6 and PE from Year 1 to 9. He runs the under 15 football team as well as the under 13s, and fits in the under 11 cricket side into his schedule. In addition, he is responsible for back drops and lighting at school productions as well as school displays.

Mr Hope is an Everton fan who also enjoys, fishing, music, snooker, art, and playing golf, the last-mentioned off a handicap of ‘around’ 14.

Mr Hope loves his work at Kingsmead because he loves the children he works with. He enjoys being a crucial part of the school community, and has a special relationship with staff and children alike. He feels very privileged to be in the role he holds.