11 May 2018: Delicious healthy cake bakes

THE quantity of sugar consumed in the average British diet is unhealthily high and well-known chefs such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver have been campaigning to help us eat more healthily. But most of [...]

11 May 2018: Le petit déjeuner

YEAR 8 were brushing up on their French vocabulary for breakfast this week - and sampling the delights of a traditional breakfast in France. After digesting all the new information, they were all able to [...]

23 April 2018: We love to sing… do come and join us!

KINGSMEAD Community Choir was established over six years ago by Christine Smith. The idea was to encourage those who had never sung in a choir before to have a go, alongside some more experienced singers. [...]

21 April 2018: Easter Holiday Club Photo Gallery

THERE were nearly 50 different activities at Easter Holiday Club this year... three solid weeks packed with treats, trips, activities, sports and crafts. Our gallery of pictures only scratches the surface of the tremendous time we [...]

28 March 2018: We’ve some rising stars in the world of baking!

THE EYFS children have had a wonderful time this morning with our lovely caterers Wilson Vale, learning all about bread. First they watched a demonstration by Kim and Denise, who showed them which ingredients are [...]