25 Jan 2017: Micro-bits and cookies make a tasty byte

This term, pupils from Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 have been using the BBC Micro-bit to code their own future. The Micro-Bit has lots of brilliant features to help students connect and create, and [...]

24 Jan 2017: Breakfast Club tucks in

We had our Breakfast Club this morning, part of the “Shake Up Your Wake Up" Breakfast Programme. Nearly half of us skip breakfast during the week and 15% never eat it at all. Yet research [...]

23 Jan 2017: Getting to grips with GIS

Our Geography 'gifted and talented' students are getting to grips with Geographical Information Systems. By using Google Earth they have been exploring the possibilities of measuring, layering, adding labels and all manner of other useful skills.  From [...]

23 Jan 2017: G&T English activities

We have just finished a week of 'gifted and talented' opportunities in English for students in Key Stage 3. The week started with eight students identified as very talented at creative writing participating in a [...]

10 Dec 2016: Now it’s the Juniors’ turn to delight…

We have been waiting to post some photos from the Junior pupils’ dress rehearsal of “Unexpected Christmas” until after you had all seen it, so that we didn't spoil any surprises... The children excelled themselves [...]