18 May 2017: Science Week picture gallery

This year's Science Week for children up to Year 6 was themed around "creepy crawlies" and phenomena in the natural world - and we certainly covered a lot of ground! The children collected bugs, experimented [...]

18 May 2017: Athletics meeting in Preston

On Friday 5 May, seven students from Year 3 & 4 - and Bradley from Year 2 - went to Ashbridge School in Preston to take part in an athletics event. All our students took part in [...]

11 May 2017: Chemistry team comes out top in university competition

Four of our Year 8 students - Rose Preston, Millie Beedles, Joshua Grundy and Joe James - attended the Salters' Chemistry Festival at Liverpool John Moores' University on Tuesday this week. They competed [...]

31 March 2017: Getting nosey in a good cause

There were quite a few red faces - er, we mean noses - around Kingsmead this week. Red noses were on sale all week and all departments in the school took part in fundraising on [...]

30 March 2017: What we learned from our Anglo-Saxon day…

Yesterday, the Year 5s went on an epic adventure back in time to become Anglo Saxons and Vikings for a day. We all learned a great deal and the staff at Tatton Hall were excellent. [...]