23 June 2017: Kindergarten Fun Day

The children in Kindergarten had a Fun Day at school this year, instead of going to the zoo with the other infant children. We made cakes, had a picnic lunch, made party crowns and bounced ourselves silly [...]

15 June 2017: Everyone for tennis…

A group of students from Years 5 and 6 attended the International Tennis Day at Liverpool Cricket Club on Wednesday this week. We had a full day out, with the sun shining down on us [...]

15 June 2017: Yoghurt sir? Yes please!

It is easy to forget that part of growing up is overcoming reticence about normal social interactions - like asking for things in shops, answering telephones with confidence, dealing with strangers and so on… This [...]

6 Jun 2017: Spelling out how good these artists are!

Year 9 has just finished a fantastic installation for the Senior Art Room... Each pupil selected a famous painter to study and designed a letter form incorporating their painter’s work and style. The painting styles [...]

26 May 2017: Juniors (and Infants!) rise to marathon challenge

All Junior children have started a challenge to run the equivalent of the London Marathon over the next half term (Years 1 and 2 are aiming for a half marathon). Every child has run a [...]