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Question mark graphic.If you have a question that doesn't appear here, on any aspect of life at Kingsmead, don't hesitate - just contact us.

FAQs for prospective pupils

What is Kingsmead like as a school?

There are many strengths in what we are able to offer - an excellent physical education and games programme, great facilities (including enormous, leafy grounds to roam in every day), and a dedicated staff team... plus a wide programme of things to do outside normal classes. But best of all for pupils considering joining us, we have always been praised for how well we make sure that all the pupils at Kingsmead feel very happy and secure here.

Does this mean I will do well?

At Kingsmead we believe it does. No child who is unhappy is going to find all their own talents and skills. Children need to feel safe, secure and happy, and we strive every day to provide that foundation.

Can I have a trial day at Kingsmead?

Certainly. Taster days are on a no-commitment basis so there is nothing to lose!

I find learning quite difficult. Can Kingsmead help me?

Very much so. We have a lovely department which supports children who have any of a range of learning difficulties - and we have a long history of success in doing so.

I sometimes get bored at my school because I have understood the work quicker than the others in my class.

We stretch every child in the class, regardless of ability. Our GCSE results prove that "bright" children thrive at Kingsmead and leave with the highest grades. However easy you find learning, you won't be bored here!

You don't have a Sixth Form. Where would I go when I get to 16?

Kingsmead has excellent links with local schools wiith Sixth Forms, as well as schools in the independent sector. Take a look at our pupils destinations in "After Kingsmead" and you will see where our latest leavers moved on to...

Kingsmead has "a Christian ethos". What does that mean?

We welcome children of all faiths - and children with none. We are non-denominational - which means we simply base our teaching on the Bible, to help you learn to make educated and informed choices in your future life. 

Can I visit the school on any other days than Open Days?

Yes of course. Simply contact the school on 0151 632 3156 and arrangements will be made to suit a time you can manage. Lots of people do this. Visits are even sometimes possible in the holidays, although we do encourage you to come and see the school in action.

What about the 11+?

Every year, Kingsmead welcomes children at 11+ stage and sets about making them all feel a success, however the test has gone. The 11+ is not a test of how clever you are, just a test of one type of cleverness. We are good at bringing out your talents and gifts, whatever and wherever they are.

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